About Me

Fee from Bosmont  … hooveel van julle onthou my?  Living in the UAE for 20 years I should ask

kam minkum yatadhakaruni ?

I am the baby daughter of Basie and Mariam Davids, wife of Haroun and mother of Shereez and Daiyaan Dharsey ….. oh so now you remembering ne!!, still got the slang by the way. A little more mature now but taking a new slice out of life. The new way of life imposed on us by health, social, economic, travel, and personal challenges should not drive us towards despair but towards encouragement and engagement as best we can share.

So my attempt here is to share and create engagement and lighten attributes ….



I Worked at a School

Super Cool


I Like to take picture, see the gallery

Write on Stuff

I Write simple stuff about travel, food and activities

Listen Musin

Apple and Amazon pods are good friends of mine